Pilates Hands-on & Cueing: What’s in Your Toolbox? 

Angie Clifford   
Saturday 10/7  3-6 pm

Hands on and Cueing: AKA ,What’s in your toolbox? Getting a client to do an exercise is one thing. Getting them to feel it is another, and getting them to feel it differently is what makes a teacher great. This class will tap into your creativity to explore imagery, tone of voice, and speed of delivery to get more out of your client. The hands on portion will help you to feel where the client is moving from and to guide and assist them into new possibilities in their bodies. Every client learns in different ways, so its good to have a full toolbox to work with.
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Pelvic Alignment on the Equipment
with Cady Eddy

Saturday 11/18 3 – 6pm
What is all the fuss about ‘neutral pelvis/neutral spine’ and why do I keep hearing about it in class? In this 3 hour workshop we will cover the important boney landmarks in the pelvis, how those bones move in relationship to the spine and legs, and how placement of the pelvis can have an impact on your experience in reformer class or in private sessions
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