Foundational Movement with Dr. Matt Wiest 

Dr. Matt

Feb 10th 1-4pm $60
Get fast, get strong, get mobile, get proactive about your physical health! Prevent injury, improve your athletic performance, increase range of motion, and increase strength!

This movement system creates universal strength by using muscles that are less active in modern, convenient habits and postures like sitting, driving, use of devices, & work environments. This system of strength building will supplement everything you do from walking the dog to your time on the reformer.

Matt Wiest from the Center of Movement will be leading this workshop. He is Doctor of Chiropractic, Movement Educator and certified Foundation Training Instructor. This training teaches you how to incorporate a series of powerful, but simple movements into your daily routine. With this knowledge and practice, you will be able to move better, breathe better and get back to using your body the way nature intended.

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