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The Six Degrees Pilates Teacher Training Program was founded in 2003 and is directed by some of the most talented and gifted teachers in the Twin Cities. We train and produce the finest Pilates instructors Minneapolis has to offer. We are a Pilates Certified Education Center.

“The technical aspect of Pilates was naturally emphasized, but what was truly taught was how to be an intelligent and creative teacher.” -Moly Wozniac 2005 graduate


Our program is one of the most “hands on” certified programs offered in the Twin Cities. Students learn through lecture, reading, and hands on interaction the Classic Pilates Method. Our lecture weekends are led by the  some of the most reputable teachers in the city.

Our program mission is very simple: to deliver the best instruction, produce the best teachers, and to provide the most convenient, effective, and affordable program possible.


The entire staff of the Six Degrees Pilates Teacher Training Program has studied and trained with first and second generation students of Joseph Pilates himself. Mentors include Romana Kryzanowska (heir to work of Joseph Pilates), Amy Alpers, and Rachel Taylor Siegal of the Pilates Center in Boulder, Co. The Six Degrees staff also has extensive and varied backgrounds in dance, gymnastics, Gyrotonic, yoga, and the understanding of the body, movement, and personal possibilities as an interlinked, holistic experience. 




Stepping Into The Equipment
with Angie Clifford

em:rowing round
Saturday 10/7  1pm – 4pm  $60
Get the most out of your Pilates workout by learning how to maximize the functions of the equipment. While the “equipment” looks like something you lay on or climb on, its actually something you step into, like clothing. Allow the springs to work like your body and your body to work like the springs. Learn how to make the equipment part of your full experience of movement.

Chair Teacher Training

Designed to double as a piece of furniture that would fit inside a New York City apartment, the Wunda Chair’s efficiency is not limited to size. Considered by many to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, it can deliver a wollop of a core workout in no time flat. Like all Pilates work, the intention is to use the whole body, but the Chair gives a little more opportunity to allow the legs and glutes their moment in the sun, and to work on standing balance. 
Whether you are already an instructor, are interested in pursuing a teaching career, or simply want to be introduced to a truly unique piece of equipment not often offered in group classes, come join us as we break down the Chair exercises, explore anatomy within the choreography, and learn about our bodies and what they can do!


10/20-10/22  $425
with Cady Eddy, Emily Easton, and Becky Golberg

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Cadillac & Trapeze Training


Cadillac & Trapeze
with Emily Easton
Friday 12/1 From: 5 – 8pm
Cadillac & Trapeze with Cady Eddy
Saturday 12/2  1- 8 pm
Cadillac & Trapeze with Becky Golberg
Sunday 12/3  1- 8pm

Advanced Cadillac & Ped-A-Pul with Angie Clifford

emily cad 
Saturday 1/13/2018 1- 6 pm
Explore the most advanced exercises on the Cadillac! Be prepared to pull up, flip upside down, and hang by your ankles. This course is for advanced Pilates practitioners ready for new challenges and Pilates teachers looking to invigorate their athletic clientele.


We produce the best teachers in the city and offer the best price.


Students who complete the Six Degrees Pilates Teacher Training 455-hour program in its entirety are eligible to take the PMA certification exam. In addition, Six Degrees is a licensed private career school in the state of Minnesota for Pilates teacher training.


For years, Six Degrees has offered the most comprehensive and thorough Pilates teacher training available in Minnesota. With our new Mat and Reformer modules, you can get the same quality we’ve always offered in an abbreviated form. [Should you decide later that you’d like to do the whole 455 hours, credit can in most cases transfer to the greater program, provided the time frame is reasonable. See schedule for details  *Should you decide later that you’d like to do the whole 455 hours, credit can in most cases transfer to the greater program, provided the time frame is reasonable.

In all of our trainings, you will not only strengthen your own body and your understanding of the classical Pilates repertory, but you will learn how to develop an “eye” for whole body integration, so you can keep your clients healthy, injury-free, and getting the most out of the exercises, no matter their skill level. Where some training programs only teach choreography, we teach you how to apply the knowledge of the exercises to adapt to all the different bodies you’ll encounter in your teaching career.


In our comprehensive, reputable 455-hour training, you will become versed in the choreography of the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (or Trapeze Table), Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Ped-A-Pul. With over 150 hours of physical training, you will experience firsthand the benefits of a strong Pilates practice. The 150 hours of Specialty Workshops, Repertory Weekends, and lectures will bring what you’ve learned in your body into sharp focus as you learn about functional anatomy, special populations, cueing and hands-on corrections, and more. By the time you graduate, you will have taught a minimum of 68 hours, so you walk out our door a competent, well-rounded teacher. 
PRICE: $6,800 
Quarterly payment option available 
9 Intensive Repertory Weekends
10 Workshops and Specialty Classes on varying topics
68 Group Classes
20 Private Lessons
Regular advisor meetings, staff support, and supervised teaching labs
All testing, registration, and materials fees
(Valued at $8,610)

MAT MODULE (145 hours)

PRICE: $2,300
2 Intensive Repertory Weekends
4 Workshops and Specialty Classes
23 Group Classes
7 Private Lessons
Regular advisor meetings, staff support, and supervised teaching labs
All testing, registration, and materials fees
(Valued at $2,715)



PRICE: $3,250
3 Intensive Repertory Weekends
5 Workshops and Specialty Classes
34 Group Classes
10 Private Lessons
Regular advisor meetings, staff support, and supervised teaching labs
All testing, registration, and materials fees
(Valued at $4,005)


Not interested in teaching, but want to deepen your practice? Already a teacher, but looking to enrich your movement tool belt?
All of our training weekends are open to the public, and Six Degrees Uptown offers regular workshops and specialty classes created and taught by our own talented and experienced staff as well as by hand-selected guest teachers. Join us, and let’s learn and play together!

See Schedule for PMA 455 hour requirements


Questions? Contact the Studio.

Is Six Degrees a licensed private career school in the state of Minnesota?

Yes. The Six Degrees Pilates teacher Training Program is a licensed private career school in the state of Minnesota. All Pilates training programs in the state of Minnesota must be licensed.

Is the Six Degrees Pilates Teacher Training Program approved by The Pilates Method Alliance?

Yes. Six Degrees Pilates recognizes the value of being a PMA approved school. All our program faculty are PMA certified and our program fulfills additional requirements set by the PMA to be an approved teacher training school.

Will I be “recognized” as a Pilates teacher if I complete the Six Degrees Pilates Teacher Training Program?

Yes. Graduates will be recognized by the PMA as teachers who have graduated from an approved PMA school.

What is the PMA?

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) was formed in 2001 as a professional association for the Pilates community. It’s purpose was to provide an international organization to connect teachers, teacher trainers, studios and facilities dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates by establishing standards, encouraging unity, and promoting professionalism. Today the PMA is both a professional association and certifying agency for Pilates teachers.

What Equipment and at what level will I be trained to teach upon completing all 455 hours?

Students will be trained on all pieces of Pilates equipment; Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (trapeze table), Low Chair (wunda chair), ped –de-pul, and the barrel systems. Graduates will be able to teach all levels.

Can I just take a few weekends and not “go for” the 455 hours?

Yes of course! The modular program is designed for students or current teachers who wish to attend what they need in order to fulfill their own personal goals.

Will Six Degrees help with job placement upon graduation?

When we need teachers we hire directly from our program, however we do not officially offer job placement upon graduation. We are part of a network of local studios that come to us for trained teachers who need jobs.

Can I enroll in the program if I hold a full time job?

Yes. The program is scheduled during weekends to make it accessible for people with jobs and families. For the internship portion of the program, students schedule their hours around their own personal schedule.

What if I move in the middle of the program? Can I finish the program out of state?

Yes. We have had students in the past move out of state in the middle of the program. If this happens we help you find a studio in your new location to complete your internship hours. Students must complete all classroom hours and exams at Six Degrees Pilates.

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