What Is Slow Burn Barre?

What is Slow Burn Barre? A no-impact, strength-focused iteration of our signature Six° Barre, Slow Burn Barre takes the tempo down as we target small muscle groups, add to our ab-arsenal, and wrap up with a restorative stretch or foam rolling session. Appropriate for beginners and semi-pro barre-istas alike. Join us for this challenging and rewarding class—and more than a few throwback jams—Tuesdays at 7:15pm and Thursdays at 6pm. 

Bicycle Twist Crunch using Pilates Magic Circle
Bicycle Twist Crunch using Pilates Magic Circle


Letta Page is a Six° Barre, Slow Burn Barre, and TRX/Circuit instructor, as well as a writer and academic editor who specializes in translating big ideas for the public. She came to the studio after breaking her foot, needing to regain stability and strength. She believes that having fun and trying new things makes an active lifestyle stick.

Caty Taborda-Whitt is a Six° Barre and Slow Burn Barre instructor and a grad student in sociology at the U of M. She came to Six Degrees to build strength and endurance in a supportive community, and she enjoys mixing up her classes with diverse music and challenging moves to create a fun, welcoming space for all bodies and skill levels.

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